Thursday, September 1, 2016

summer bits (and bobs)

september 1st.
big kids went back to school (so far so good).
i just filled in the family wall calendar (welp... so full).
leaves are least they are here (we have a LOT of trees).
days are shorter (chickens are broody and molting).
i have coffee decisions to make (hot or cold).

there is no denying it.
we are in a new season.
it's gonna be a good one.
but oh summer how this little family will miss you.

so many summer bits (and bobs).
a little look (photo overload).
shared (cherished).
so much water...lakes, beaches and pools
water toddler play
water family war
garden chats with my mcc girls
healthy backyard bounty
junk food junky...surviving car trips
my summertime passenger "trunk"
gum smacking selfies
how many beach goers can you pack in a volvo
back of volvo sleepy time
nights of summer ball
that transitioned to football pre-season
trikes and twinkle lights
pups and picnic tables
movies in the park
wacky wednesday at camp
annual visit to camp putnam
where kisses are free
and hot dogs are saved for later
and best camper awards are given
and memories are saved in the quill of a red feather
library and summer reading
t-shirt egg baskets
picnics at tangerini's
vbs at mcc
vbs human pyramid challenges
vbs desert don and awesome al
vbs worship
and where chicks joined us for the egyptian
picnic baskets and boom sauce
beach and her new bob haircut
diarrhea castles (gross, but that's what we call them)
oysters on the beach (gross but oh so yummy)
sand castles with goldfish crackers in the moat
wiffle ball in style
baby chicks and happy garden baskets
sweet sisters
dog days of summer
sweatshirts and snuggles at the beach
10th birthday
little explorer
arrival of george the bunny
and....blogger says i can't add anymore photos to this post (the nerve).
 so this will have to do (at least for now).

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  1. Love seeing these pictures of your beautiful family!!!