Thursday, August 11, 2016

principal's office sentences

so in an earlier post, it may have appeared that
this t-shirt inspired "mama bird"
is all about sun, sand, tire swings
and utterly carefree summers.

but definitely only partly true.

back at the beginning of summer vacation
i also proudly assumed the title of
"principal mom."

the one who with authority
addresses most summer behavior
violations with sentences.

because while yes, we love and NEED
the break from schedules, routine and homework,
it does not mean we treat our days or each other with
sass, disrespect and utter carelessness.

i loved this mama blog post.
so good.

and that's absolutely what we have here...
sun, sand, tire swings and a whole lot of 
 milk left on the counter,
wet bathing suits left on the rug,
eye rolls and sibling disputes.

so on or around july 1st i established the summer principal's office.
founded on the premise that if the children
spoke to their teacher or a fellow student
in the way they sometimes do to me, their dad and each other
then they would most certainly be sent to the principal's office.

and in our principal's office they write sentences.
lots and lots of sentences.
25 for the small things.
another 25 if they complain about it.
50 for bigger things.
100 if they they roll their eyes.
200 if it happens again.
and an occasional 300 if it's just gone too far, or i'm at my wits end.

and let me tell you, it's working.
the magic 1-2-3 method that worked so well when they were babes,
and that i still need to use with jane
now has age appropriate and importantly mama consistent repercussions for the bigs.
oh and you can't beat the benefit of a little penmanship practice along the way.

they love it.
just ask them.
 (if they roll their eyes, tell me so i can give them some sentences to write).
just kidding.
they hate it.
but truly it is working.
all i need to say now is 50, 100, 300...
or the other day 500!!!!! before bennett wacked his sister...he didn't.
it's like magic.

inspired by wes' childhood and embraced
to the fullest this summer by yours truly,
"principal mom"...
make that with with a capital M.

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