Wednesday, March 1, 2017

essential oil bits

welcome to my essential oil bits page here on bits & bobs!
you can also find me on instagram at erins_essentialoil_bits

this young living product speaks to my farm girl roots.
this oily community speaks to my sisterhood soul.
a sisterhood (guys too...wes loves these oils) that enjoy learning and sharing
about all the amazing benefits and uses of essential oils.
i love talking oils,
and would love to with you dear ones!

would you like to learn more about young living?
you can email me anytime here.

are you ready to get started?
you can sign-up as a member here under my sponsor id.
i recommend that you start with the "premium starter kit."
this is what i did!
it's an incredible value (11 oils, the amazing diffusor and other samples... for $160).
it gets you access to our oily tribe member page where you can access
resources, inspiration and tools for getting the most out of your oils.
it's also how you get 24% off retail pricing.
there are other member benefits too that we can talk about,
once you get started.

reach out anytime.
and thanks for letting me share with you.

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