Wednesday, March 8, 2017


happy international women's day friends.
a day that recognizes both the progress 
and the work to be done to advance gender equity.
a day of community and celebrating,
thoughtfulness and celebration.

i spent much of the day following and contributing
to the conversations and commitments
made by individuals and influencers around the world.
i'm grateful for the front row seat 
i have access to 
through the when women thrive work that i do.

i'm grateful for the 
colleagues and clients,
friends and family,
husband and kids
that inspire me every day in this work that i do.

and on this year's international women's day,
i'm feeling particularly grateful and inspired by 
my mom and dad.
city dweller, newlywed parents 
who chose farming over college.
and who every day encouraged me 
to live and love what i do.

i'm grateful for these roots.
i'm grateful for their choices.
for what they meant then.
and especially for what they mean today.

1 comment:

  1. I remember your farm so well! Hunting easter eggs, chasing chickens. Do you remember that time you licked the frozen pipe and your tongue got stuck?? Poor thing. Love your cuz, Jody