Friday, March 31, 2017

an introduction

you all know how much i love a night with friends,
in my happy place, 
under the twinkle lights,
 in the barn,
here at defoyd backyard farm

well this week brought one for the memory banks.
a launch event to introduce myself as a distributor 
for young living essential oils.
eek, i'm so excited!

these little bottles of pure goodness
have been a wonderful addition to our family.
immunity building - stress relieving 
skin replenishing - sleepy time making 
booboo kissing - mood changing
conscious cleaning
waking up - chilling out,
and lotssssss more.

so, bits & bobs readers,
allow me to introduce myself.
a "mrs. & mama / feminist & farmer"
who loves essential oils
and would love the opportunity to chat 
with anyone who may curious or interested in getting started.

happy to connect & answer q's (email).
ready to get started?
here's a spot with more information and my sponsor sign-up details (link).
next oil night in the barn?
tuesday, april 18 (stay tuned)

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