Monday, April 24, 2017

a few days in manhattan

april break brought easter, family, playdates
and a three days in the big apple.
i had an event for work,
so thought we'd make the most of it.
a little road trip.
some bopping (and dabbing) around manhattan.
seeing family.
fun & fun.

shades, tunes and road trip fun
little loves in times square
subway navigating
bennett dabbing...block-to-block
jane taking it all in.
swimming in the middle of manhattan
checking out mama's NY office
day two brought a day of adventuring with uncle tim & auntie leigh, 
while i did my mtgs and event in NY office.
a fun and productive day for all!
i love that my kids get to make these memories with their aunt & uncle.
that it's both a big deal...and no big deal at the same time.
if that makes any sense.
birthday bagels with leigh
the reardons, defoyds & nosek love leigh!
off to explore
math museum
and a lil' geometry
madison square strolling
mama mtgs and event

when women thrive there is gender partnership
love these guys!
day 3 brought wes!
he took the train down after work to meet-up with us for a
defoyd day of exploring. 
in the rock with our rock
lego ny love
central park climbing
a rest on the stone chair art installation
central park cherry blossoms in full bloom
our favorite stone slide
jenga and checkers in bryant park
carousel rides
levian cookies
a sweet ending, and lots of sweet memories! 

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