Friday, May 13, 2011

a new to-do list

just spent the last few hours outside in the glorious sunshine with ella (while brother naps) - lounging on a blanket with magazines, treats, beads, stationary, nail polish and our books... and let me tell you it felt good! though the conference ended earlier this week - my brain has been mush and motivation non-existent. how wonderful to have back the time to focus on a new to-do list.  one that does not include rehearsals, conference calls, lead generation and program management...but instead finishing my book for book club, planning our vegetable plot at the community garden, sending belated cards, recipe research, belated rsvp(s) for birthday parties & showers, manicures for ella, etc.

actually, think i'll scrap the to do list and just take things as they go - how great is that?! happy weekend friends...xo!

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