Saturday, April 29, 2017

oily instabits

i was chatting with a friend the other day
about my essential oil heart eyes.
she asked, if i really did use them all time?
she wondered how i was using them?
 and for what specifically?

i gushed a bit (okay, maybe a lot).
i told her i'd send her a note and show her some of the ways.
i thought it might be fun to share with you guys too.

so with a cup of coffee in hand 
and that oily combo up there diffusing in the background 
i'll share my 1st oily instabits.
peppermint & stress away for productivity & tackling to-do lists.

lemon oil in my water...refreshing and boosting.
helps make sure  i drink lots more water too!
frankincense & lavender...reflection, relaxation and restfulness.
making bed times extra sweet...and chills we parents out too at end of long day.
brain boost...peppermint, lemon and copaiba for my girl's backpack.
i have one too in my desk - a favorite break in between conference calls & car pools.
chill out combo... frankincense & copaiba diffused on a rainy afternoon.
just so warm & inviting - and keeps us focused & thoughtful.

pollen punch...lemon, lavender, peppermint & copaiba.
clearing my allergy eyes & foggy -  smells so so good too.
germs be gone...thieves, purification & lemon.
rolled on little feet & backs to boost immunity...
and EVERY time i heard that a classmate puked at school.
cough care...r.c. & peppermint.
a great combo for battling that pesky cold air cough that bennett
gets after early spring lax practices under the lights.
gus is cute & is spoiled...purification in the living room.
one of the kids favorite chores is spraying the couches...and it's chemical free!

lots oflaundry love...lavender & purification (lots of other combos too).
an easy transition towards chemical free detergent & dryer balls.
upset tummies...digize on the belly helps keep the icks at bay.
and yes...i took a pic of oils & our potty.
tweaked ankle...panaway for those days when i get a bit too competitive on the turf.
this has been a major pain reliever...that smells delightful.
my most favorite mama time-out combo...lavender & stress away.
pause. roll. pause. breath. pause. feel. pause. clear. pause. reset.
hike & tension relief...peppermint, pan away & copaiba.
originally for wes' weekend camping backpack,
but now he keeps it in the console of his truck for a lil' commute recoup after day in the office.
a lil' something for a mama w/babe in belly.
one for nausea & rest.  one for immunity & germs.
and one of my new favorite ways to spread some love to dear ones.
a lil' something for this mama who may have been hooked on motrin.
thieves for immunity.  peppermint for headaches. and when combined a great refresh & reset
as you can see, i'm certainly all heart eyes for these little bottles of goodness.
it looks like i've been taking almost as many pics as a i do of my kids and chickens.
but seriously - it's because they really are such a big part of our days.

and these are just the ones i'm using from the starter kit...
there are so many other amazing ones 
(clarity, cedarwood, rosemary, peace & calming, orange, bergamot...i could go on and on!)

wes and the kids got me my starter kit as a gift last year
(maybe i dropped a few subtle hints).
a gift that just keeps on giving.
the benefits, resources, community and built in personal time out love
for me as a woman, mom, wife, friend
has been so incredibly rewarding.

maybe you want to drop a lil' mother's day hint to your crew?
they can reach out to me anytime (email) or sign-up (here).
maybe you want to show a lil' mother's day love to your own mom?
reach out to me anytime (email) or sign-up (here).
maybe you want to learn a bit more?
send me a message or reach out anytime.

your oily sister

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  1. This is beautiful Erin! You have captured what life looks like with oils. Can't image not have them to reach for! You are a great oily sister too!