Tuesday, September 19, 2017

thankful tuesday, 9/19

it sure has been a while since 
i've posted a thankful tuesday.
maybe because the gratitude bits 
make more sense as prayers than words on a screen.
maybe because the family laptop
is always (seriously ALWAYS) dead.
maybe because days that began and ended like this
makes myheart burst.

3 am conference calls that are totally worth it 
cereal in swim goggles for jane
boots that mean fall for me
a cast we were in denial about for ella
an adorable 3rd grade flat stanley 
coming home in bennett's backpack
 6th grade teachers who made me sweat
talking about statistics, and decimals and algebra
catching a glimpse of my boys,
from across the middle school parking lot,
 at football practice 
hallway prayers with my mission's team sister
and practicing praise songs in spanish for guatemala.

 here's to gratitude and how 
it turns everything into enough.

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