Tuesday, March 15, 2011

thankful tuesday, 3/15

honestly the week is sort of a blur. i've been down for the count. yet the week's been full of sweetness just the same.

  • look at that laughing happy boy
  • smoothies for dinner
  • my brother's safety after getting lost in the woods at night on a snowboard trip
  • praying for japan...and mourning for them
  • daily lent reflections
  • ella, bennett and wes taking care of me
  • blooming crocuses
  • longer days
  • new sidewalk chalk
  • season's first chalk drawings on the patio
  • hats on really bad hair days
  • wes teasing me
  • playing under the dining room table with bennett (his tidmouth shed)
  • ella's renewed love for playing with her baby dolls and being a little mommy (i was getting sad that she had outgrown it already)
  • news of 2 friends welcoming babies (welcome sam and sophia)
  • motrin and penicillin

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