Sunday, March 13, 2011

on the sidelines

or on the couch - that's been me the last 3 days.  flu - the icky yicky wipe-out flu.  the kind where you can't do one stinkin' thing. the kind that makes you feel completely useless. the kind that makes your daughter ask,  "mama why are you still in your jammies?"  the kind that makes your little guy tell his sister, "mama sick, mama sick."  the kind that makes you fall in love with your husband all over again - because he jumps right in and does it all and more. sweet wes.  sweet babies.

it's not fun being on the sidelines. we had so much i was looking forward to this weekend.  from a couple friday playdates. to visiting a maple sugar house on saturday morning. to having friends and their sweet baby for dinner on saturday night. to church. to running around with the kids at the sunny playground.  to sewing with some girlfriends. to baking and some spring cleaning.  it was a weekend with a plan. a good plan.

nope - sidelined. but the view from the sidelines has had its sweet moments as well. of wes and the kids playing and laughing. of 4-5 different train track configurations on the living room floor.  of french braiding ella's hair. of bennett learning how to play go fish. of alerts from ella that the crocuses are blooming. of the sounds of giggles from outside.  of beautiful ella and wes beaded crafts. of the comfort of tea and toast. of watching sleepless in seattle. of watching wes be amazing. of realizing i've got it good.

all that said - i'd like to feel better please.  please go away flu!

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