Wednesday, March 23, 2011

happy birthday wes

a most happy birthday to my love!  here's a list of 31 things we love about you on your 31st birthday. of course we could go on and on and on - but 31 on 31 it is! love you so and happy birthday from your adoring family! 

  1. a most loving husband, father, son, brother, uncle and friend
  2. your steadfast faith 
  3. the serious coloring and bead skills you share with ella
  4. not rolling your eyes at romantic comedy movie nights
  5. your kettle corn
  6. intense play with your niece and nephews
  7. above and beyond patience
  8. creative lunch box packing
  9. impressive train track configurations
  10. go-to-reliability...always
  11. your pancake breakfasts
  12. avid sports fan - even during the lows
  13. consistent kitchen clean-up 
  14. how you sing to the kids
  15. your almost never late
  16. flexibility even when things are stressful 
  17. our tag-team efficiency
  18. your pulse on the lastest news (keeping me informed)
  19. rambunctious horsey rides and living room play 
  20. our intense scrabble, cribbage and settler's game nights
  21. your internet research skills - finding even the most obscure
  22. handyman skills
  23. wagon rides and bike rides with the kids
  24. your stubborn nature - and when you get over it
  25. all your snow removal this winter
  26. competitive spirit
  27. our prayer time
  28. your chili and cole slaw
  29. how you remind everyone of your dad
  30. planning our vacations and adventures together
  31. knowing and loving you for the past 15+ years

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