Tuesday, March 22, 2011

thankful tuesday, 3/22

to give praise - to feel joy!
  • this little beetle family that ella, bennett and i made earlier today
  • feeling better after a week of strep
  • kicking my diet coke habit (getting sick was good for one thing!)
  • first swing rides of the season - and the kids' giggles and wees
  • wes doing all the laundry - literally all of it except the clothes we were wearing
  • saturday night's beautiful moon
  • our potted seeds have sprouted - and the kids' excitement
  • green sprinkled waffles on st. patrick's day
  • receiving a package in the mail from a dear friend
  • mom's impromptu visit and babysitting
  • adoring grandparents
  • a few days of no coats
  • dinner and a movie with my hubby
  • ella's excitement over keeping a secret (her dad's birthday present)
  • bennett's first zingo win
  • visiting and playing with family at calvin's birthday party
  • a sweet card from a co-worker
  • needing strength and finding it in god's word
  • news of my cousin's new baby - welcome sweet margot
now off to do some birthday preparations with the kids for wes' birthday!

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