Sunday, April 10, 2011

crackin' & nestin'

we had some fun with these cute egg projects yesterday. i'm sure the first of many egg-themed activities over the next couple weeks as we approach easter.

get crackin'
we planted some grass seeds in these egg shells - and looking forward to tall bright green sprouts by easter!

p.s. hopefully they'll get more love than the seeds we planted a few weeks back...who were somehow forgotten about after the first signs of green :(  we are giving it another whirl though (maybe marigolds this time - they seem more resilient).

the kids painted eggs now have a comfy nesting place in this kid-made nest. saw this in a magazine and i must say it really does look like a nest.  simply scrunch down a paper lunch bag and then glue on some small sticks and grass. how fun to collect only the smallest of sticks (and itty bitty pine cones too). made even better by an absolutely gorgeous sunny day!

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