Tuesday, April 19, 2011

thankful tuesday, 4/19

a week of being broken and renewed - a hard and real way to get my heart centered on our savior as we approach easter.

  • cheerful eggs (look at those crackin' eggs...and it happened in just days!) won't these be cute on the table for easter dinner?
  • dirt under fingernails
  • blooming forsythia - love those bursts of yellow around every corner
  • red tipped trees at the beginning of the week...and now green (how fun to discover with the kids)
  • bonding with bennett in the midst of his potty-training efforts 
  • abandoning the potty-training and feeling good about it... another time, another time
  • ella's first written and illustrated "book" (for her uncle tim & leigh)
  • a beautiful easter egg hunt & kids' fun at lauren's
  • a little red riding hood day with julie
  • the simplicity of roasted chicken sunday dinner
  • celebrating palm sunday
  • date night with ella to see a friends' children performance of "rats!"
  • vegging out to favorite shows - friday night lights and parenthood
  • encouraging girlfriends
  • 6:45 a.m. meltdown stress attack while out on a run - and my friend stacy's kickin' pep talk
  • planning this weekend's easter celebrations
wishing you all a happy easter!

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