Tuesday, April 12, 2011

thankful tuesday, 4/12

  • bennett having us wrapped around his finger (literally...look at that hair twirling sweetie and his loving sister who lets him twirl away)
  • nyc skyline
  • being overwhelmed and moved
  • my mom swooping in to save the day and help us out (thank you mom!)
  • the kids' anya stories
  • digging for worms with kids
  • being amazed by god
  • saturday's glorious sunshine
  • fun night with the jansons
  • wes & ray's hilarious dance-off to just dance kids
  • picnics and playgrounds
  • parenting workshop at church
  • kids running around and playing with their grandfather
  • ella's hysterical laughter (and ours too) over her "hey you woodchuck, quit chucking my wood!"
  • easy playdates...and good chatting time with a friends
  • wes' pineapple sorbet
  • giggling over lama mama books with the kids
  • middle of the night parenting with wes

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