Tuesday, July 12, 2011

thankful tuesday, 7/12

the vacation edition... a list that i am most certain does not capture all of the most precious moments from the past week.
  • ella's excited early morning announcement - "mom NO MORE DAYS until vacation"
  • road trips as a family
  • exploring a new part of our country - the finger lakes
  • hiking watkins glen... a gorgeous adventure
  • sunny days on the boat...and some tubing adventures
  • wes & taylor's water competition
  • picnics on the boat
  • the perfect swingset & tree house
  • swimming in the middle of the lake
  • camp fires and s'mores
  • pancake breakfasts 
  • long chats with munner
    • late night game nights of charades, apples to apples, pit, cribbage
    • face painted cuties
    • reunion hugs
    • millions and millions of fireflies...and holding on to a few of them
    • muppets movie night...and the adults reliving this childhood favorite with our kids
    • 10 cousins playing non-stop...and loving every second of it
    • staying up late and the kids' delight over this special treat
    • sunsets on the lake
    • our skit with the kids...the very hungry caterpillar
    • corn hole & air hockey competitions
    • generosity of mr. & mrs. mccoy
    • the joy of a grandmother being surrounded by her 10 grandkids
    • pink, purple and blue toes
    • watching fireworks from the dock
    • sparklers
    • radio red giggles
    • morning tai chi with justin
    • ella's bear for uncle cory
    • cousin tubby fun for dirty kids
    • wegman's moments
    • being teased to hysterically funny tears over those unfortunate wegman's moment
    • 2,2,2....3,3,3....1,1,1
    • celebrating maggie's & america's birthday
    • bandaids
    • brothers playing basketball... and hitting a shot or two myself
    • watching your kids grow up so much in just a few days... family love sure does enrich them so!
    • the perfect kiddo picnic table
    • sprinklers and the kids' delight that their grandmother was running through it with them
    • kids sleeping in the closet
    • hammock snuggles
    • cereal buffet on the last day
    • water slides and the joyful shrieks
    • 4th of july parade
    • wes & justin's cocoon turned butterly
    • charlie's coffee and erin's iced
    • family star spangled banner sing-a-long
    • family
    • vacation
    • memories

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      1. What awesome memories! I know each of you has such a wonderful time. We are really blessed with such a fun and loving family. Hope to see all of you soon, and meet the ones I have yet to~