Tuesday, July 26, 2011

thankful tuesday, 7/26

do you like the new blog header? i finally figured out how to make a collage in picasa...hooray! but that's not what i'm thankful for...it's for blessings like these!
  • kiddo's first sleepover at anya's
  • date night with my hubby
  • enjoying 10 years of fantastic harry potter films
  • counting stairs with the bennett (1,2,7,13,17, 10)
  • girl's night out to the pub
  • ella's first week of vbs...pandamania
  • rocking out to the pandamania sound track with the kids
  • serving with joy
  • wes' chilvary and running out to the pharmacy in the middle of the night
  • sunday night picnic with friends...a beautiful way to end the a weekend
  • e&b's first baseball game
  • a great night with the brenners/adams/walsh crew - thank you!
  • all 4 of us crashing for an afternoon nap
  • daisy chains with ella
  • rain after some hot hot days
  • going on an "elija hike" with 16 sunday schoolers
  • living vicariously through my future sister-in-law's summer in africa
  • a baking, braiding and bonding afternoon with ella w/o the boys
  • my sports illustrated magazine fly swatter
  • sticker mischief
  • bennett's recycling

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