Friday, July 15, 2011


my kids won't eat peanut butter & jam sandwiches. just won't. they say they don't like jam.  but to be honest, they haven't really tried it either.  because, what started as a birthday treat 2 years ago for ella...peanut butter & fluff, has held on as our sandwich of choice. i chose not to fight this battle since there are so many other lunch alternatives, and thought that a pb&fluff every once in a while was no big deal. it's all they want for lunch.  and in the fall we start that morning 5 day a week lunch box routine. so...the smucker's jar is in. the fluff jar is out.  bring on the smucker's!

today was a failure. i'm sure i'll lose tomorrow too. but i'm ready and rearing to bring this american tradition into their lunch at a time. wish me luck!

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