Monday, July 18, 2011

july's sweetness

i love how with each summer month comes a family outing to the farm for some picking.  in june, strawberries. in july, blueberries. in august, peaches. in september, apples.  and i love that we have so many wonderful family farms nearby that we can explore and enjoy the sweetness growing on their bushes. and i love the inspiration these little berries bring in the kitchen.

i love the smitten kitchen blueberry bars.  and thankful for summer picnics, cookouts and beach outings so that i can share vs. eating the entire batch myself. 
and i love when this muffin makes his scrumptious blueberry pancakes for me.  he really should open his own pancake shop!
and for those friends who remember last year's unfortunate blueberry bennett poo mistaken for oreo cookie incident...i love that we haven't had any of that confusion this year :)

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