Wednesday, September 28, 2011

"a" is for...

yesterday marked the start of a fun little journey through the alphabet with bennett. a simple way to guide our adventures... and a little letter learning along the way.  i definitely won't have a shirt for each of our outings - but this one was just perfect for "a" day!

a is for adventure
we packed his little backpack with the essentials (snacks & his trains) and headed out on our "a is for adventure" outing.

a is for all aboard
we went on a short little train ride - literally one stop from franklin to norfolk and then back again. and let me tell you (and the pics as well)...that it rocked this little guy's world. for a wopping $2.50 we had an "a is for awesome" time!
a is for airplane
there happened to be some toy airplanes in the kiddo seating area at whole foods where we stopped for perfect for "a" day!
a is for arts & crafts
of course sister gets to join in on the fun as well with our "a is for arts & crafts" afternoon.
a is for ants on a log
a simple little "a" inspired afternoon snack
a is for anya
bennett & my mom (anya) had a nice little phone chat - though no photo to capture it...but one that he remembered for sure!

a is for acorns
and a little nature as well with an acorn hunt
yesterday was our first day. it was so cute / rewarding to hear him tell ella & wes at the end of the day, all the things that "a" is for from our day. he loved it! i loved it! we are going to tackle a letter a week - so if you have any good ideas, send them along!

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  1. You are my kind of girl! I used to teach 1st grade and I love doing these kind of activities with my own children now. : ) Your guy is a cutie!