Monday, September 19, 2011


mondays, mondays, mondays. this little day of the week definitely gets a bad rap. of course it's always big bummer that the weekend is over - but for this girl, mondays aren't so bad. in fact i often feel like i can accomplish anything on mondays. it's not glamorous - but it's productive, relaxing and a great start to my week. from there things can unravel. things will most definitely unravel...but on mondays, watch out world...ha! here's a little look at this particular monday... as a silly blogging way to hold onto those fleeting moments when things make sense, things are in control and things are clean! 
i work from home on mondays - which means while ella is at school, little b goes to ms. joanne's. i use this day to not only get some good ol' mercer work done...but as a day to get home and me done. the day starts a little bit like this...
after ella gets on the bus - i lace up the sneaks for a run. then it's off to the market, followed by a monday morning starbucks treat. all this before 9 a.m... and before my first conference call. productive!
in between calls and a bunch of work i do a whole lot of laundry. it's always my goal to wash it all on mondays. putting away may take all week (or never)...but at least it's all clean for the week. productive!
after a few hours of work - it's time to lace up my apron for some meal prep. monday is my meal swap day - so my one day to cook dinner for four families including my own. lots of chopping, making a big stinkin' mess and even a little time to clean it all up before the bus comes. productive!
after a few after school snacks and hearing about her day - my little ella lends a helpful hand to change the bed linens. followed by some bedroom gymnastics. productive!
meals are packed and ready for delivery. then it's off to pick-up b while dropping off dinner for friends along the way. productive!
the day ends at the playground. and since dinner is waiting for us at home, there's no need to rush. so we don't. we end our productive day with lots playing. thank you mondays!


  1. The laundry always gets me - last week, it didn't all get folded and put away until Thursday! But, this is going to be a good week - 4 loads of laundry folded and put away, and it was all done TODAY! Definitely a first!

  2. Love the idea of cooking meals for friends! Do you guys all share meals?