Tuesday, September 13, 2011

thankful tuesday, 9/13

 "it is well, with my soul. it is well, with my soul. it is well, it is well...with my soul."
  • crying in the snack aisle at the grocery store
  • celebrating ella's first few days of kindergarten
  • one of the last swims at the lake with friends
  • a weekend of remembering
  • patriotism
  • bennett's handshake
  • new morning routines
  • saying goodbye to my aunt nancy - a most beloved sister, mother and friend
  • being with family
  • rolling down hills with the kids
  • reading little women to ella
  • lining up cars, trains and boats with bennett
  • precious little girl dresses
  • a new church name and a powerful message of authenticity
  • little feet at the top of the stairs when they are suppose to be asleep
  • a new phase of matchbox cars
  • adorable baby showers and wishing i could have been there
  • kiddo clothes swap in the parking lot with friends
  • paper sail boats
  • wagon rides home from the bus stop

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