Tuesday, September 6, 2011

off she goes

today this happened - my baby girl went off to kindergarten. all smiles. full of bravery. dressed-up like a big girl. holding her umbrella. climbing those big ol' bus steps. just the tippity top of her head peeking out the window. off she went. tears rolling down my face.

bennett and i made some cookies to celebrate when she got home. we couldn't wait to hear how it all went. then she got off the bus - walked over and crumbled into a puddle of tears. she held it together all day...was so strong and brave...and then let it all go in the arms of her mama at the end of the day. my baby...a most precious memory. 
milk & cookies were just the trick - and how special to hear all her little bits & bobs from her day. of riding the bus. of losing her umbrella. of exploring the computer lab. of seeing friends from pre-school in the cafeteria. of snack requests for her lunch box. of excitement for tomorrow.
a friend reminded me today - it's a wonderful life...we've prepared her well...and she has our home to come back to every day. i love that. the beginning of a wonderful journey - one that i feel so very blessed to be part of.

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