Tuesday, November 15, 2011

because i am a girl

i'm nervous, excited and honored to be leading a kick-off to this campaign tomorrow at my company. because i am a girl in partnership with plan. what started as as the lord putting this on my heart earlier this year to "do" something...is finally here...in a big way. 5 locations, hundreds of colleagues and even a few local schools all participating in an event tomorrow afternoon. please pray that it goes well. 
after the event we are launching a "change" drive across our locations - "small change for us, big change for them." a collection of coins & monetary contributions all going towards education and resources for girls like these.  if any of you would like to contribute - it would mean so much.  as a mother, daughter, sister, aunt, woman and believer - my heart breaks, yet rejoices all the same for what could come of this.

please pray and wish me luck!

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