Tuesday, November 1, 2011

thankful tuesday, 11/1

it's been a long week. a good one. a hard one. a fun one. an exhausting one. i cannot believe we flipped the calendar to november today. seriously. thankful for this time to reflect on the week's thankful moments. sweet treasures in the blur of a long week.
  • holding my tea cup on a chilly morning
  • stealing wes' cup of tea...sometimes one isn't enough, and his is already at perfect tempture
  • beginning the girl scout journey with ella
  • teaming up with a friend as co-troop leaders...and both wondering what we've got ourselves into
  • our crew of little daisy troops...and looking forward to all we'll share together this year
  • hearing about a friend's start to a journey in a new city
  • new beginnings
  • all at once moments (more on that later this week)
  • the lord's perspective and promise in the all at once moments
  • being somewhere that i almost decided not to be
  • laughing my butt off with friends
  • being a mom
  • caramel apples
  • a nice night in at a friend's house...wine, cheese & sweets!
  • cheering up wes as the rangers blow the world series :(
  • pumpkin & scarecrow fun with family
  • 1st snow (hard to be thankful in october - but kids' delight makes it easier)
  • warmth & snuggles during a power outage
  • escaping to my mom's for warmth, hot showers and relaxation
  • praying for family still w/o power
  • preparations for "because i am a girl"
  • bennett's 3rd person persona
  • grandpa & mary's halloween visit
  • trick-or-treating & costume fun
  • kids literally rolling in their candy (enjoy it now kids - it goes to the troops on friday)
  • praying for our kids. kids praying for us. 
  • steel cut oatmeal on the weekends
  • hiking to the bus stop with bennett's potty in tow
  • bennett's "you so pwoud (proud) of me mama?" ... yes, so proud baby boy, so proud

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