Wednesday, December 7, 2011

thankful tuesday...girl's night out version

instead of posting a thankful tuesday last night - i was out for dinner & drinks with sweet friends.  this little blog came up a couple times (ha, ha!)...and the girls made reference to a few items they wanted to make sure got on this week's list.  so in honor of ingrid, sue, rachel, april, sue and brigette (we missed you diane)...thankful tuesday girl's night out version! 
  • sangria...that tastes like juice, but is not!
  • potty training boys tips..and a special "wiggle"
  • friends who open their home to foreign students to share the holidays
  • marveling over cultural differences
  • bring on the garlic
  • that we could all escape for an early dinner...and the gift of being out vs. chaos at home
  • loving husbands
  • tiger mom vs. crafty mom
  • glitter rules
  • loving our kids...loving each others' kids
  • intimidating teachers...and classroom calisthenics
  • early childhood romances...and barriers
  • school assignments and classroom helpers
  • reflecting on issues we were dealing with a year ago
  • answered prayers
  • health & wellness tips from expert friends
  • mother's intuition
  • honesty and accountability
  • shared margaritas
  • birth order reflections
  • embarrassing our kids...and learning not to
  • loving each other
  • laughing, laughing, laughing
  • these you so!

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