Thursday, December 1, 2011

advent calendar

happy december 1st to you all (and happy birthday to my mom)!  the advent calendar is a big deal in our house. big.  huge.  the last year couple years we've had the cardboard calendar with the teeny tiny doors and a teeny tiny piece of chocolate behind each door. kids love it - even if  half the doors get opened before their assigned day and the entire surprise & overall process only lasts about 10 seconds. gotta love the simple joy that it brings.

but this year i thought i'd start a new tradition.  we'll still have the $1.99 chocolate one - there is no way i'd get away with doing away with that!  but we'll have this one too.  a simple way to celebrate & prepare for christmas in a wee more special way.
each day has a verse from the nativity story as well as a fun christmas activity.  i've listed them if anyone wants to take a peek, as well as a way for me to remember in the years to come.  i'm looking forward to sharing this new tradition with my family.  merry christmas!
nativity versus
day 1--matthew 1:18
day 2--luke 1:28-33
day 3--luke 1: 34-35
day 4--luke 1:36-37
day 5--luke 1:38
day 6--luke 1:39-45
day 7--luke 1:46-48
day 8--luke 1:49-52
day 9--luke 1:53-56
day 10--matthew 1:19-21
day 11--matthew 1:22-23
day 12--matthew 1:24-25
day 13--luke 2:1-4
day 14--luke 2:5-6
day 15--luke 2:7
day 16--luke 2:8-12
day 17--luke 2:13-14
day 18--luke 2:15-16
day 19--luke 2:17-19
day 20--luke 2:20
day 21--matthew 2:1-2
day 22--matthew 2:3-6
day 23--matthew 2:7-8
day 24--matthew 2:9-11
got this great scripture sequence here
day 1--drink hot cocoa
day 2--watch charlie brown christmas
day 3--make christmas lists
day 4--create a nativity scene
day 5--send christmas cards
day 6--listen to christmas music REALLY loud
day 7--bring canned goods to the food pantry
day 8--string popcorn and cranberry garland
day 9--make snowman marshmallow treats
day 10--put $ in salvation army bucket
day 11--turn off all the lights and sing silent night by candle light
day 12--sing 12 days of christmas
day 13--make cards for teachers
day 14--take a walk or drive to see the christmas lights
day 15--wrap your baby lay in a "manger"
day 16--read twas the night before christmas
day 17--make cookies
day 18--wrap a present
day 19--watch the grinch
day 20--make a gingerbread house
day 21--make angels
day 22--bake treats and deliver to neighbors
day 23--open one present
day 24--bake more cookies and celebrate christmas eve


  1. I'm speechless! How do you do all this, and work and sleep??!!!

  2. Erin, this is amazing. What a phenomenal idea.

  3. are beyond amazing! This is the best...really makes you appreciate the simple joy of the holidays.

  4. This is awesome Lexi and I are making one today, she is very excited