Tuesday, December 27, 2011

thankful tuesday, 12/27

i hope you all had a most special christmas. our was just wonderful..and of course followed by celebrating this little guy's 3rd birthday! 
  • going through 3 bags of flour, 2 bags of sugar and i think 4 boxes of butter this baking season
  • caroling
  • every bit of our advent celebrations
  • christmas card trivia
  • ella's "dancing in my head excitement"
  • final preparations
  • gingerbread lessons learned (never again)
  • cookie (or bread) swap with the girls
  • kiddo handmade treasures
  • reading through luke...and the tears that followed
  • contemplating that manger like i never have before
  • christmas eve at home with sweet guests
  • christmas at home with sweet guests
  • new traditions
  • lunch at reed's and a visit with katie
  • my hubby for doing all the holiday grocery shopping
  • bennett turns "free" (3)
  • my little christmas present darling...how can he be 3?!
  • spot it...super fun family game (go get it!)
  • new treasures...and thoughtful loved ones
  • fresh air after days of toys, eating and over stimulated kiddos

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