Monday, January 9, 2012

bits & bobs blogiversary

today is bits & bobs' official one year blogiversary!  i've had a little fun looking back at all the posts from the past year...and how this little space has evolved.  from my first post and the overall goal for keeping a remains a way to share and remember in the years to come.  yet it many ways it's grown to be a bit more than that.  as a way to give thanks and praise for the sweet ways the lord is blessing our lives.  as a creative outlet whether it be for growing photography interests...or as a way to remember the projects and diy moments at home.  as a way to open my heart to share & reflect on those precious moments, that are so often fleeting, yet within this space are captured. as a way to grow relationships or meet new friends in this unique online way. as way to inspire and be inspired.

happy blogiversary bits &'s to all the memories to enjoy & capture in 2012! 

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