Friday, January 27, 2012

letters of love

since we had so much fun with our advent activities, i thought we'd do a mini-version to countdown until valentine's day. i got these adorable little mailboxes at the always fabulous target $1 spot.  glued a $1.50 candle stick to the bottom, and voila... individual mailboxes for each of us.  aren't they so cute...i just had to share!
the kids are already having fun leaving special love letters, or treats for each other and us.  how exciting to see the little red flag up signaling the arrival of something special just for you!  beginning february 1st, i'm going to leave a little letter of love activity in their box each day. special little ways to show and share some extra love.

day 1: color doilies
day 2: pink milk cocktails
day 3: make a heart chain
day 4: bake a sweet treat
day 5: make a big mess creating valentine's
day 6: mail valentine's to loved ones
day 7: sing jesus loves me at the top of your lungs
day 8: play hug & kiss tic-tac-toe 
day 9: pick-out a valentine's sweets for a troop care package
day 10: paint a giant heart with your hands & feet
day 11: have a hearty day (all heart shaped foods)
day 12: make valentine's for friends at school
day 13:deliver treats to neighbors
day 14: scavenger hunt to find little valentine treats from mom & dad


1 comment:

  1. Those are super cute! We have the same little mail boxes. We wrote names on the side with special markers. My son has them sitting outside our bedrooms. We leave each other little notes.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! And the kind words. I'm looking forward to following you this year! :)