Tuesday, January 24, 2012

thankful tuesday, 1/24

"be joyful in hope, patient in infliction, faithful in prayer." romans 12:12
  • brotherly construction duo justin & wes
  • bennett's sniffle snuggles
  • sweet dinner and breakfast moments around the table.  embracing meal time.
  • my hard working hubby
  • grace for the good girl by emily freeman...and for putting me on my knees in front of the lord
  • a hard look at my heart and letting go
  • putting letters in the mailbox
  • snow!
  • a long, long sled ride
  • glorious 50's (even if kids are sad to say goodbye to snow)
  • ella's reading...a moment in time, yet a journey that has just begun
  • book club with the girls
  • sleepover at anya's
  • cheering for the home team
  • a kiddo "poo" phase - reigning it in...but also letting it go for the sake of innocent and over the top brother/sister giggles 
  • ease of meal swap after a long day
  • first note home from ella's teacher re: some hurtful behavior towards another child
  • getting to the bottom of the story..."mommy, she does eat like a giraffe!"  

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