Sunday, May 13, 2012

being your mum

dear bennett,
my joyful, thoughtful and cuddly little buddy...i adore you. you fill our days with your curiosities and discoveries; your contagious giggles and fierce meltdowns; your quiet moments and rambunctious adventures.  being your mum...the sweetest blessing.

dear ella,
my sweet, creative and brilliant baby girl...i adore you.  you fill our days with your thoughtful ideas and inspirations; your helpful heart and genuine kindness; your passion for learning and embracing new experiences. being your mum...the precious moment it all started.

dear baby,
my little wee one...i adore you. you fill our days with happy praise as we share the news of your expectant arrival; prayers and planning for you our third; wonders and dreams of who you will be. being your mum...the most perfect gift.

happy mother's day to my little ones...i could not be more blessed to be your mum.  xo!

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