Thursday, May 3, 2012


i have been completely overwhelmed, grossed-out and utterly obsessed about the number of little person finger prints on literally everything around our home.

they are everywhere...the windows, doors, walls, chairs, mirrors, my glasses, the refrigerator and as i look down on the shirt i thought was clean (nope, syrup stained fingerprints from this morning).

i've pronounced that tomorrow will be fingerprint own small battle against these messy little blemishes that are giving me the crabbies!  fingerprint crabbies...and lots of them!

but then i remember all the little bits that those little fingers are exploring.  i remember the sweet joys that those mud, ice cream, paint, goo, baby chick and dandelion adventures brought.

i  remembr that being little is a messy job...and that being a mom is messy too. i remember that i love it...every bit of it.

1 comment:

  1. yes being a mom IS messy. messy beautiful. like you i am learning to care less about fingerprints and embrace all the messy beautiful of this quickly passing season. doesn't it just go to darn fast?