Tuesday, May 15, 2012

thankful tuesday, 5/15

  • being silly together
  • being loved on and spoiled on mother's day
  • kiddo t-shirt swim and nice at grandma & papa's
  • girls mani/pedi outing with my mom and ella
  • being completely diaper / pull-up free (for now)...way to go b!
  • a shady spot during ella's soccer game
  • a tissue from a friend during a tear fest
  • planting seeds with the kids
  • teacher appreciation fun at ella's school
  • sharing the happy baby news 
  • b's negotiation tactics
  • summer planning
  • crying with and for sweet friends
  • the kids' "catty" (caterpillar) buddy who traveled around with us this weekend
  • monday lunch dates
  • answered prayers for a friend's mom

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