Tuesday, September 25, 2012

8 great years...8 great dates

to celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary i put together this little gift for my hubby...
8 great years - 8 great dates!

i was thinking that with little one's arrival just around the corner, 
it's unlikely that mr. defoyd and i will be getting out very much in the coming months.  
so instead...we'll enjoy 8 great dates at home!
date #1 - you light me up like a jack-o-lantern
date #2 - 1950's diner root beer floats

date #3 - are you feeling lucky...game night

date #4 - baby it's cold outside...let's get cozy with a cup of a cocoa
date #5 - who needs cooking classes...let's stir up some yummies in the kitchen
 date #6 - would you like a cherry on top...ice cream sundaes

date #7 - tickets please...or $1 red box movie night in

date #8 - you are the final piece in my...puzzle

1 comment:

  1. This is such a sweet idea! I may have to do something similar for my hubby's b-day :) very cute!