Tuesday, September 11, 2012

thankful tuesday, 9/11

  • holding tight on 9/11...remembering...never forgetting
  • fleece on chilly mornings
  • fantasy football banter...and routing for my first team
  • caramel...apples...caramel...apples...caramel...apples (addicted)
  • b's first day at little lambs
  • brother sister bus stop hugs & kisses
  • being a part of an authentic, vibrant and growing church
  • perspective during a not-so-bad moment...it's never that bad
  • my handyman, mr. defoyd
  • celebrating my future sister-in-law with sweet friends and family
  • old neighbors and wonderful memories
  • pizza and playground reunion w/the daisy girls
  • a new role - the next stop on my mercer journey
  • packing up my norwood office, moving into my boston office
  • the return of the bravermans

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