Monday, October 15, 2012

look did it!

it's getting a wee harder to get around these days.
i'm sore, slow and seriously swollen!
kids hear their mama say "i can't" a whole lot.

i can't give you a piggyback today darling...
i can't climb in your awesome fort...
i can't fit you both on my lap for story time...
i can't play on the floor, build that tower or tie your shoes.

so in the  moments like that one up there, 
when i did get down in their world
to sort, organize and create a car & train museum with them,
 it was topped off by lots of celebrations for what we created, and for their mama too.  .
"look mommy - you did it!" 
tanks fillled...theirs and mine.

 i'll take it!

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