Tuesday, October 30, 2012

thankful tuesday, 10/30

  • holding onto moments with just e&b and realizing that there will so soon be another one
  • praying and preparing for the arrival, change and unknown
  • safety and comforts during sandy
  • praying for all those that got hit so so hard
  • jammies, treats, games and snuggles during sandy (and a few bloody bandaids too)
  • rachel's beautiful words on being significant - and getting to be a part of it
  • tears with friends
  • cat & the hat kiddo sillies - "oh yeah, oh yeah"
  • a hike to remember maggie's dad
  • perfect carving pumpkins
  • parenting through a new set of b meltdowns 
  • wes' wisdom & patience
  • pumpkin & scarecrow family fun

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