Tuesday, January 22, 2013

thankful tuesday, 1/22

  • changing table wisdom
  • finding our rhythm at home (some days)
  • a museum turned zoo adventure with friends
  • the zoo in january
  • a snowy morning
  • e&b's dinner salads
  • waving the white flag on bedtime story attempts with all 3
  • janie smiles and coos
  • birthday loves
  • a full lap and happy heart
  • when grandparents babysit and spoil our kids
  • lunch, movie and shopping afternoon with wes & jane
  • kitchen cuddles with my sweetie
  • remembering to warm up the car
  • chopping and cooking...after weeks/months of limited time in the kitchen
  • an empty calendar...to fill up with plans & goals
  • free hands to type this 

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