Wednesday, January 16, 2013

snow day (kinda)

when i awoke and saw all the snow coming down this morning, 
i thought how great...a snow day, the kids will be psyched! 

a day to stay in our jammies and play in the snow.   

i may have even told them...
no school today, it's a snow day!

well then i checked the news, and guess what...we have school.  

 feeling a wee guilty (way guilty), 
i scrambled to pull together a before school snow morning instead!
snowball fights, snowman building and snow angels.

and then it was time for a breakfast 
of snowflake waffles and hot cocoa.

i think i'm forgiven. 

after sending them off to school, 
it was time for a snow story and snuggles with baby jane. 
unlike the big kids, we get to stay in our jammies all day.
happy snow day (kinda)!

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