Monday, June 24, 2013

planes, trains, automobiles...a day in this girl's shoes

a glimpse into this girl's day. a planes, trains, automobiles and new shoes day. an i can't  even believe it's still going day.

here it is...
a 3 am alarm.  getting ready for a monday morning day trip to ny.  kissing sleeping loved ones on the head. 

a drive to logan with the windows down and sunroof opened with the glow of the full moon over head.  

a very busy airport. grumpy tsa agents. a not so friendly pat-down. a sprint to catch the shuttle.

a sunrise landing in nyc while admiring lady liberty from above.

a long line of taxis. a rush hour commute.  a queasy belly (so so car sick).

a pit stop at starbucks.  a lipstick touch up. a quick call to check-in at home to say good morning and wish everyone a good day.  

back to back meetings, final rehearsals and a little bit of frenzy before meeting 30 media and entertainment clients and consultants.

discussions on diversity, health care reform and nyc's media and entertainment talent priorities.

a call from my travel office.  a cancelled flight back to boston. no other flight options back tonight.

a last minute booking on the acela.  an hour until boarding.  a scramble to pack up and jet out of the office.

a high-heeled, suit dressed sprint 12 blocks to penn station.

91 degrees. a sweaty hot mess.  

a desperate pit stop into american eagle for jeans, t-shirt and a pair of flats.  remembering why I haven't shopped at that store in nearly 10 years.  

a final sprint to the station.  a crazed scan of the board for my platform.  a dead end.  an hour delay.  

a bite to eat.  a magazine rack splurge.  an update from home.

and now a long train ride up to boston. then a taxi from south station over to logan to get my car.  and finally a drive home similar to this morning's with the moon overhead and sleeping loved ones tucked in their bed.

planes, trains and automobiles. a day in this girl's shoes. new and old shoes. 

can you even believe it?! not my day...but one i'll not doubt remember...

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