Tuesday, June 18, 2013

thankful tuesday, 6/18

  • celebrating the kids' wonderful dad
  • giggling girls in the hammock
  • baptism blessings for jane
  • wes' determination to catch the groundhog who wiped out our broccoli plants
  • fingernail scrubbers
  • boarding the hispaniola hammock for treasure island reading with b
  • first tooth for baby jane
  • a great day with the cranstons
  • garden plans with joel
  • morning coffee and then evening gardening with my dad now that we are neighbors 
  • lacing up the sneaks to jog (sprint) around the block with the kids on their bikes
  • new bike adventures
  • dinner with k&k and back of receipt drawings
  • early saturday morning outings for breakfast 
  • celebrating b's first year at little lambs
  • being a chaperone 
  • brown bag lunches
  • morning mama therapy phone calls with betsy
  • field day fun
  • froggie first grade celebrations
  • grace in the midst these year-end emotions
  • forgiving our kids and them forgiving us

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