Monday, June 3, 2013

we were suppose to be camping...

we were suppose to have gone camping with some friends over memorial day weekend.
but the rain, cold and more rain kept us home...big big bummer! 
so we decided to have a weekend of 
"we were suppose to be camping, but we can still have camping fun!"

on friday night got together with our camping crew to
 have chili, watch a movie and eat s'mores.
super cozy, fun...and LOUD!

you can't have camping without tents!
wes lead the charge to make these simple a-frame tents for some living room camping.
aren't they so fun?!

flashlights and lanterns are always a camping essential,
so we got crafty and made some pretty paper lanterns.

camping always includes a pancake breakfast around the campfire.
ours was around the dining room table.
a pancake 1st for jane...welcome to the breakfast club baby girl!

a camping weekend is always good for a nature walk and bug hunting.
so we made some terrariums and dug around for bugs, spiders and caterpillars.

we were bummed not to camp, but we made the best of it!
"we were suppose to be camping, but we can still have camping fun!"

here's a link to the tent diy if you want to make ones for your littles.
we have already taken them out to the yard for cozy picnics and afternoon reading.
 they fold up super easy!

i would totally recommend the terrariums.
 these are living little habitats that my kids are having lots of fun with.
we keep ours outside and the kids keep adding little friends to it.
 they love check on them, and are fascinated when someone moves out...or even better moves in!
happy camping friends!

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