Tuesday, January 20, 2015

thankful tuesday 1/20

spotting improbable moments of grace...yes anne lamott, yes.
thanks to a sweet friend for this gifted and signed copy, 
and for the inspiration and motivation 
to carve out time and bring thankful tuesdays back...
my heart has missed it so!
  • winter's grip and warm snuggles
  • friday night pizza, drinks, laughs and a little chicken mourning
  • sweet farewells to camilla
  • loving our chicks and teaching loss when one passes
  • lacing up the ice skates and having the entire lake all to ourselves at sunset
  • the rugged cross
  • forgiveness in the ugly moments
  • heavy, heavy library book bags 
  • that my when women thrive work is at tomorrow's world economic forum
  • that i get to do this work
  • that it's making a difference
  • toe stepping confessions
  • loving my kids' friends and their awesome parents
  • retail therapy with a side of parenting reflections and preparations for the hard stuff coming
  • making 120 sandwiches for the homeless with the brownies
  • delivering said sandwiches to the shelter with the kids
  • teaching poverty, homelessness and brokenness to little people
  • teaching hope, love and martin luther king's dream in the same week to the same little people
  • that these little people are my people
  • gratitude...and how it turns everything into enough

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