Sunday, January 18, 2015

handmade holiday

a bits and bobs annual recap of this 
season's defoyd handmade holiday gifts...

for neighbors and our friendly mailman...
baked goods and color half-dozens.
how nice of the chicks to give us
green eggs for christmas!

for teachers and friends...
gold-painted clipboards adorned with washi tap and a printable.
production included...
a stash of cheap clipboards from staples.
a can or two of gold spray print from the hardware store.
printable downloads from etsy.
rummaging through my growing collection of washi tape.
then picking out the printable message just right for each friend or teacher.
from "be brave" to "all is well" to "amazing grace how sweet the sound" 
to "fearfully, wonderfully made" 
to"keep calm and teach on" or "but first coffee" for teachers.
a sparkly and cheerful wall-hanging for the lovely ladies in our lives.

for cousins...
a friday night movie kit.
production included...
a big box of microwave popcorn packets.
tasty movie-theatre sized candy boxes.
opening one box of said candy to settle jane who didn't quite get that these were gifts.
selecting some of our family favorites for each family 
from the $5 movie section at target.
popcorn boxes, napkins and a ticket for living room entry.
movie kits from our family to theirs.

lastly and my new favorite diy outlet...metal stamped jewelry.
i got these tools and metal letter kit for christmas from wes and the kids.
so we tested it out to make grandma her own grandkid bracelet, 
and a necklace for all the cousins' mamas.
and maybe just maybe a thing or two for myself...
so fun, a wee loud and so very rewarding!

that's just what i say!
happy handmade holiday giving friends!

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