Sunday, January 4, 2015

cowboys vs. downton abbey

so if you didn't know, i'm married to a die-hard dallas cowboy fan.
his texas roots run deep.
however, he never ever watches the games live on sunday afternoons.
he records them and stays away from all social media and his phone for the day.
he then watches the recording after the kids go to bed.

i used to challenge this and encourage him to watch it with the kids, because that's what football fan dads do...but then they start to lose and i remember it's a good idea that he doesn't watch when the kids are around.
and today's game was another reminder of such (we are watching the recording now).
accept it's now compromising my indulgence in the downton abbey season premier!

you see i've become a bit of fan myself.
i enjoy football.
i love my husband.
accept when the boys are losing.
and if we are gonna watch a recorded game i always look to see whether they win or not.
i like to know what i'm in for.
and i used to on nights when i knew it was bad news strategically go to bed early or watch something else (like downton abbey of course!!!).
well a while back my strategy started giving it away...especially on play-off games.

so this evening as the live game was coming to an intense nail biting conclusion and wes' phone was blowing up with texts from his siblings, i play interference so that he doesn't see or hear the news accidentally.
i whisper the good news to the kids and giggle with them as we keep the secret from dad.
and then i sit here and watch him sweat, scream at the tv, slam the arm of the chair and squirm while i sit on the opposite side of the room and fake suspense.
it's way harder than it looks.
you should feel sorry for me.
especially tonight....downton is back for goodness sake!

congrats dallas now let's get to the real stuff at the abbey!

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