Tuesday, April 7, 2015

bloomers & rainbow stripes

oh hi...
well, so much for my march 31 days to thriving, huh?
i definitely had some good ideas and a rockin' plan,
but then it kinda went like this... 

 setting off all ruffly and rainbow striped.with the
inspriration and energy of a new job.
a new job that is bright, fresh and filled to the brim with opportunity.  
the first few weeks were full of all sorts of fun and games.
days building block towers of new strategies,
celebrating international women's day
and advancing gender equity and empowerment
on the global stage of the UN.

and then there came the crash after an incredible high.
remember the "bam" i talked about?
well that "bam" got pretty deafening.
in a really good way...
but that also in a way that left me completely
exhausted, emotional and wanting nothing more than to
curl up with my blankie and cling to what i used to know.

and now here i am, coming up for air and
marching onward all messy and muddy,
but underneath still filled with the
fluffy, ruffly and rainbow stripes of new opportunity. 
you guys are a big big part of that.
the love, support and encouragement you expressed
has meant more than you can know.

1 comment:

  1. You have such a way with words! Beautifully expressed, my dear cuz. Would love to hear about your new job sometime. Sounds intriguing.