Sunday, October 9, 2016

neighbor's advice

our next door neighbors are pretty wonderful.
kelly and mike.
mike and kelly.
like us, they have 3 kiddos.
but their 3 are all grown up.

they tell us often how seeing our family do life brings them back,
how fast it goes, and how much we need to remember that.

a few weeks ago during a mailbox chat,
kelly sweetly asked how the start of school was.
i shared it was going well,
though the calendar on the kitchen wall was a wee full.

she said she remembered those calendars.
then she said, "save your calendar pages".
that she did this.
that she has a box of them in her attic.
she said that when i look back, i won't be able believe what we did,
what life looked like week to week and month to month.
that i would miss it crazy like she does.

i meant to do that.
to save the september big wall calendar.
it was a good one for sure.
but we were away for the weekend,
and while away my eager helpful kids ripped it down.
maybe in anticipation of what october holds.
maybe just because ripping something off the wall feels pretty darn good.
especially if it's mommy's.

so i will hold on to the october one i think.
and along the way capture and hold on to more of the bits and bobs like these one here.

final golden hour ice cream outings
and warm golden hour walks
morning walks to the bus

ella loving middle school
and bennett loving 2nd grade
even if phonics is soooo booorrriiinnggg
and janie loving pre-school...riding the bus on her 1st field trip
and loving time with her friends so much, she barely eats her lunch
anniversary outing to the apple orchard...grateful to be his mrs.
our little apple crisp bakers
last of our backyard farm tomato haul
ella and her cuddle buddy george
boys who are bonded
chicken chores in her chucks and nightie
a piece of the farm coming to practice...soft touch girls, soft touch
coach mom and coach dad who maybe wish they could use whistles at home too
shorter days with lights out for practice
cheering for the home team
packing for san francisco, thanks to dear fashionista friend
wedding weekend get away to san francisco / berkley
a beautiful wedding
and the beautiful couple
happy bridesmaid, happy couple
and time with the redwoods
and an afternoon in wine country
we heart you san francisco
then back to wrangling kiddos...mama headlocks and lots of LOVE
living, wrangling, adventuring, loving.
yes, kelly it sure does go so so fast.

here's to gratitude
and how it turns everything into enough.

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