Tuesday, October 18, 2016

thankful tuesday, 10/18

i was driving around this afternoon,
with the windows down, sunroof open, jamming out with the kids.
it was awesome.
i honestly thought there might be a movie camera following us.
that maybe we were on a movie set.
the scene, the falling leaves, the autumn glow,
happy kids, rockin' out mama, sibling kindness, joys of motherhood.
man o' man it was pretty magical.
thankful moment.
thankful tuesday.

  • a date night back in new braintree
  • ringing the camp putnam bell with the girls
  • wonderful babysitters
  • ashland farm pumpkins
  • raw, honest tears with my boss
  • a rescued wallet
  • soccer day and this community
  • friday night lights and jane's moves to the marching band
  • our football family
  • our soccer family
  • spanish vocab around the dinner table (kinda)
  • fever snuggles with b
  • walks that fill your soul
  • toddler leaf jumping
  • a page turner
  • apple cider and treats stand
  • gus' 1st birthday and that we are his family
  • clean water bottles
  • jane's 1st letters
  • good morning songs
  • braids for the win
  • harvest moon
breath in. breath out.
 before the movie producer yells "cuuuuutttt"
and the yelling, crying, showers, laundry, dishes, emails starts up again.

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